As Dundee’s transport is so vast, it makes it easier for your brand to have increased awareness around Scotland’s 4th largest city. Send your message around the city and see how your business can change. Discover Dundee tourism.

Dundee has numerous bus, rail and car networks for residents and tourists to get around, which gives you greater opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Bus advertising

As there are over 22.5 million passenger journeys every month in Scotland, it’s the perfect place to promote your brand on transport systems. Click here for more information regarding advertising in nearby Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh.

The average city bus covers over 700 miles every week which means your message will be brought to a new audience almost every mile as people way their way to/from work, school and social trips. Find out more about Dundee buses.

If you need help devising a campaign that is effective and affordable, then Exterion Media offer a customer solutions service that will help you design and execute your advert. If you want your business to send a big, bold and meaningful message, then bus advertising is suitable for you.

Rail advertising

Over 1.26 million passenger journeys are made on the rail networks in the UK each year. As the typical commuter has free time whilst they are travelling, they have a long dwell time to see what’s around – many read the adverts that are present in the same environment as them. See: Train Timetables.

55% of passengers represent the top consumer spenders so ensure your campaign reaches this valuable audience that are likely to use the product/service your business sells.

Digital out of home advertising

Outdoor advertising is not the same as it was a few years ago. As technology has developed over the years, so has the way we advertise today, which is also due to increasing customer expectations for brands.

Businesses that use technology, innovation, interactivity and creation together are known to engage more with their customers, therefore increasing their business sales.

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