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Advertising your business on transport in Dundee

As Dundee’s transport is so vast, it makes it easier for your brand to have increased awareness around Scotland’s 4th largest city. Send your message around the city and see how your business can change. Discover Dundee tourism.

Dundee has numerous bus, rail and car networks for residents and tourists to get around, which gives you greater opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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Dundee Tourism

Dundee is Scotland’s 4th largest city with a population of around 145,000 it’s a very modern and colourful city on the east coast of Scotland providing beautiful views and coastal area in the summer it can feel like you’re in the Mediterranean.

Dundee is conveniently close to most of Scotland with 85% of Scotland only being a 90 minute drive away.

The city has been referred to as the city of discovery so why not see what you can discover by visiting Dundee today.

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Things To Do – Historical

Dundee law

Around 450 million years a volcano was formed however, is now extinct. This attraction is the plug of the former volcano many people come each year to visit. A war memorial to the fallen in both world wars was created onto top of the summit which was first unveiled to the public on May 16, 1925.

Mains castle

If you’re big on history then you should definitely visit this extremely old castle located in the heart of Dundee. Mains castles is a 16th century built castle, the castle is made up of several different buildings surrounding the main courtyard.

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Activities for children in Dundee

Play centres

Riverside inn play zone
This is a soft play zone within a dining facility which offers the parents some alone time while their children run free.
Fun factory
Fun factory provides an exciting physical activity centre with separate filled zones for different age groups one for 1 to 4 year olds and one for 5 to 11 year olds. Also a separate zone specifically made for children with special needs.

Water fun activities

Olympia leisure centre
This is a leisure pool with special features such as: a rapid river, wave pool and bubble beds. There are several enjoyable flumes to go on.
Sandy Sensation
This is an adventure playground for juniors and toddlers and also offers water play at this coastal location.

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