Dundee law

Around 450 million years a volcano was formed however, is now extinct. This attraction is the plug of the former volcano many people come each year to visit. A war memorial to the fallen in both world wars was created onto top of the summit which was first unveiled to the public on May 16, 1925.

Mains castle

If you’re big on history then you should definitely visit this extremely old castle located in the heart of Dundee. Mains castles is a 16th century built castle, the castle is made up of several different buildings surrounding the main courtyard.

Top 5 restaurants in Dundee

The following:

  • Piccolo
  • sol y sombra tapas bar
  • Collinsons restaurant
  • castlehill restaurant
  • Tahini

Night life

The wine press

A very classy place offering all types of international wine and food. This place has received great reviews and is definitely the place to go to escape from the kids for little while

Klozet Dundee

Klozet is a club with a buzzing atmosphere and plenty of modern music is played. Very nice inside and cheap drinks makes Klozet a winner.

Animal park

Camperdown wildlife centre

The wildlife centre is 100% one of the best and most popular attractions in Dundee and has 50 different species of birds, animals and reptiles.

St Andrews aquarium

This aquarium is full of fun, educational learning, adventure for both children and the adults, in this aquarium you can see some of the most exotic and most dangerous species of fish and even seals and penguins.


If you’re feeling just to relax and do nothing on your break in Dundee then why not visit the sandy beaches.

St Andrews west sands

A very popular beach in Dundee used for relaxation, walking, running and of course swimming. The beach has been awarded with EU approved blue flag.

Leven beach

As well as St Andrews this beach has also been awarded with a blue flag and also provides amusements such as: arcades, young children’s rides etc .